Product Information

Check out our top of the line battery powered printers. These printers are solidly built, outperform much bigger printers and are very portable. Take one on the road and impress your clients with instant color or black-and-white printing anywhere with or without electricity.

You can even print color pictures on the spot. How? Snap a picture with your digital camera. Load photo paper (also available in our store). Connect your camera to the printer using the USB cable included with most cameras (or you can get one in our store) and you are ready to print lab quality photos at home or on the road.

The included battery can power the printer for hours without electricity and last through hundreds of pages of printing before needing a recharge.

These printers are portable and compact so you can fit one into a laptop bag next to your computer and other accessories and still have room to spare.


Limited Warranty Service

Because we buy quality products from reputable manufacturers and wholesalers, we are able to transfer the original manufacturers warranty to our customers on new products and accessories.

Some warranties guarantee that if a product is purchased brand new and is shown to be defective due to a manufacturing error and not the fault of the customer, the manufacturer will replace the product within a limited of time (for example: within 6 months from the date of purchase).